Good Luck, Have Fun

About Us

CyberNinja Games is an independent group of game developers who love to play and build video games. Our goal is to spread the joy we feel when playing games by sharing our own projects.

If you walk away from a game we've made and don't feel it was worth your while, we have failed.


Wanna play the games we keep talking about? Well, here's a list of them for you!
They may not be Triple A titles, but we hope you enjoy them anyway.


Vectors is a top-down shooter game. It keeps things simple, using only vector graphics and shapes due to a limited artistic toolset. It was inspired by Undertale's bullet hell and the combat of Enter the Gungeon, and some have commented that it looks like World's Hardest Game. (They have also been known to liken the difficulty to that game as well.) See how many deaths it takes you to reach the end!

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Want updates on what we're working on? Wanna get to know us better? Or maybe you just wanna chat? We can answer your questions and all kinds of other things on the CyberNinja Games Super Deluxe Discord Server™.